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Thanks to the support of everyone who helped with our crowdfunder we were able to finish creating 'The Fell' and launch it with a concert at Hexham's Queen's Hall which was for us a hugely enjoyable night. We have had two subsequent launch concerts in Newcastle and Edinburgh which were a joy. It feels a relief to have finished bringing the album into the world. We are hitting the road in Feb for a string of concerts in the North East, Scottish borders, London, Devon and Sheffield. We just received our first review of the album which was very positive from Folk Radio UK. Thankyou again to all of you who have made it possible for us to create this album through the spirit of the gift.

Approaching Halloween 

Autumn is here with its rains and mists and sudden goldenings in the trees. Life brings unexpected challenges and the earth turns into its colder side. Our album held by the spinning fell under the stars comes closer to its time of birth. We have a launch date in Hexham on the 11th December and a pre-launch in London on 1st December with more dates to come. We are having a crowdfunder to help us get this creation into physical shape, to call the midwifes and fellow travelers of our soul family to help us birth this little album of hill songs. Looking forward to the long roads of Winter and the hearth fires, praying for more music and inspiration and for the unexpected but timely success of our collective movements towards compassion and justice and that we become more poetic even as we deconstruct our social conditioning and walk in cities thick with green space. How to speak over the ocean with a tongue that is inside the rain and broken out into the moor and yet aflame with a spirit of internationalist love? And equally importantly how to develop the strength and skill to listen to the voices on the wind speaking of another place in another language. How do we move en masse confidently and efficaciously without abandoning poetry and succumbing to the simple tyranny of abstraction and utility?

Summer Solstice 

We are in the midst of recording an album, of songs we have been carrying with us for a little while. When walking through Wall village, after a wedding party on the village green a couple of weeks ago we were struck by the vision of the hill above the green.  Such a generous presence in our lives going back to childhood. Such a refuge. As George Makay Brown said, if he had been born in a city he would never have written a line, without the fell we wouldn't have these songs to sing.

So the album is called 'The Fell' and we are loving the process of recording these songs in th dreamy studio of Tim Lane in the borders. We'll be releasing the album to the world in December with a launch in Hexham and will be setting up a crowdfunder in the next few weeks. If you'd like to welcome us for a show as part of our album launch tour in December please get in touch whether it  be it a big venue or an intimate house show you have in mind.

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Date Event Location
The Brothers Gillespie Dundee Acoustic Music Club Dundee Acoustic Music Club
Club night with The Brothers Gillespie Vinyl Club, Stockton Vinyl Club, Stockton
The Brothers Gillespie The Original Ball, Maesbury The Original Ball, Maesbury
The Brothers Gillespie Chimphouse, Bristol Chimphouse, Bristol
The Brothers Gillespie The Brushmakers Arms, Upham, Hampshire The Brushmakers Arms, Upham, Hampshire
The Brothers Gillespie The Brushmakers Arms, Upham, Hampshire The Brushmakers Arms, Upham, Hampshire
The Brothers Gillespie Islington folk club, The tap room, London Islington folk club, The tap room, London
Down by The River Club withThe Brothers Gillespie Claypath Deli, Durham Claypath Deli, Durham
The Brothers Gillespie Trouble Tree, Koudekerk a/d Rijn, NL Trouble Tree, Koudekerk a/d Rijn, NL
The Brothers Gillespie Groningen Groningen
The Brothers Gillespie Caffe Tasso, Berlin Caffe Tasso, Berlin
The Brothers Gillespie Varander Bar, Dresden Varander Bar, Dresden
The Brothers Gillespie Oost Souberg Oost Souberg
 —  — The Brothers Gillespie Costa Del Folk, Ibiza Costa Del Folk, Ibiza
 —  — Forgotten Lands Festival North Cumbria North Cumbria
The Brothers Gillespie Bodmin Folk Club Bodmin Folk Club