Hirondelle is the working title for an exciting collaborative project between folk musicians The Brothers Gillespie, classical string ensemble Trio Mythos and Provencale vocal trio Tant Que Li Siam. This meeting of diverse musical and cultural perspectives was brought about by a series of fortuitous introductions and encounters. We don’t know exactly where the journey will take us, but upon finding ourselves all together in the beautiful Provençale Summer of 2019, we discovered a powerful connection and a desire to create something together. 

‘Hirondelle’ is the French word for a swallow. In it’s migratory flight the Hirondelle is a crosser of lands, a free-born trespasser of the boundaries created by the human mind. Along the great arc of her journey her song falls to Earth and brings visions, tidings and memories of distant places. 

We are very inspired by this singing traveller and it has become for us a resonant symbol of what we would like to create together. In our project of music, song and storytelling we seek to to explore the hidden currents that flow between our different lands and experiences. Migration and encounter with the other have always been a part of the human experience and through this encounter our hearts are challenged to open further. When the heart closes down we find fear, hatred, impassable borders. Where it has the strength to remain truly open we find abundant possibilities for mutual enrichment, for cultural exchange, for genuine solidarity and love. 

The collaboration is in its early days. We have more rehearsals planned in Provence in 2020 to work on material together with a view to creating and touring a show and making some recordings. The recordings given here were roughly made on a portable recorder at a concert we did together in a chapel in Provence in July 2019 (some of us had just met the day before but it was a beautiful night). Though works in progress, they give a feel for the music and some of the directions we’ d like to explore. They feature string arrangements written by Sophie Renshaw of Trio Mythos for songs by The Brothers Gillespie and Tant Que Li Siam.

Recordings from a concert in a Provençale chapel

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